Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jewelmint cyber Monday Mystery Box Received: First Look

I just received this in the mail 15 minutes ago and I wanted to give you guys a first look on what I received from the cyber Monday mystery box. I will be doing a more detailed review later but I can tell you I like 2 of the 4 pieces I received. I do not like the yellow earrings and I think the pin is cute but not sure how to wear it. This is also my first time purchasing from Jewelmint and for the 15 bucks (I used a promo code) that I payed I think its not bad. However, I will say that if I payed 30 bucks for these individual pieces I would not think it's worth the money. The pin for example, the quality is not good. It's so cheap compared to the other pieces. So that's my first impression. They have another mystery box going on. It's their winter one. I will be doing a review later. 

P.S sorry I posted the photos from my cellphone and I didn't know they were upside down! I'll do a better job next time!