Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelmint Cyber Monday Mystery Box: my thoughts about Jewelmint

I'm not going to lie. I was not that impressed over the Jewlmint Cyber Monday Mystery Box. I think its pretty good for 15 dollars, but if you think about it like how each of those paces would have cost you $30 dollars originally..... I think with the exception of MAYBE the necklace I have gotten, it's not really with the money. With that said, 15 dollars for 4 pieces is pretty good. However....... I also feel a little disappointed because I feel like out of all the sets of boxes they had I might have gotten the bare minimum.. I fee like it's due to the fact that they promised a lot of things in this mystery box and ..... I didn't even get the cards that described what the pieces are, I didn't get any promo code (but you can find those online anyways), and I got a pin that have been onsale in their website since the time when Jewlmint's "first began". .... So I decided to give them one last "try". I had introduced this site to my friend and she decided to order Jewlmint's new mystery box; the December edition. It is called The 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box.

Ok, so a couple last thoughts. I feel like the mystery box is a great idea for them company wise to "get rid of" some of their unwanted pieces.... But at the same time I feel like they should not use ANY pieces they used for past mystery boxes into their new ones AND don't place so many UNWANTED pieces in a set. For them to get more people to buy I think they should place more of their better pieces, because at the same time, this is a pretty good way to promote their company.

A more in depth review of the pieces I had gotten later.