Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jewelmint December Mystery Box: first look

So this is my second Mystery Box from Jewelmint. This box is AMAZING. I was so impressed. I live every single piece in this box. When I first opened the envelope I noticed a separate velvet pouch seperate from the Jewelmint box. I was very surprised. It turns out that a belt was inside the pouch. When I opened the Jewlmint box, I noticed another smaller pouch (made of a lesser quality) and inside were bracelets. Overall I am soo impressed. I payed 15 dollars for this (got my friend to order this for me along with her stuff). The quality of the belt is definitively worth at least 30 dollars and the quality of the earrings is amazing. I also love the bracelets. I am very happy about my purchase. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelmint: The 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box

Jewelmint's having a new mystery box. Since my disappointment in the company overall in the last mystery box, I decided to give it another try. I saved 15 dollars in my last mystery box because it was my first purchase (but I have followed this site since their initial launch) and I told my friend about it. She decided to order, and since it's her first time she gets 50% off and she asked me if I wanted anything and I told her to add their newest mystery box for me.

Stock up on our lastest 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box!

NOTE: New Assortment of Pieces-- so you will have no product overlap from our last two Mystery Boxes :)

Each box is guaranteed to have:
At least four (4) JewelMint Pieces

Bonus offers that may be included in your box are:
1. $1,000 shopping spree*
2. Chance to choose 25 pieces of your choice*
3. Chance to help design a 2013 JewelMint piece
4. Surprise promo code for discount off your next purchase.

Absolutely no refunds or exchanges of any box, or box contents. No promo codes may be used towards the purchase of the Mystery Box. Pieces from the JewelMint Collective Collection and other select pieces will not be included within the four (4) Piece Winter Mystery Box. See the Holiday Sweepstakes term and conditions by visiting

Jewelmint Cyber Monday Mystery Box: my thoughts about Jewelmint

I'm not going to lie. I was not that impressed over the Jewlmint Cyber Monday Mystery Box. I think its pretty good for 15 dollars, but if you think about it like how each of those paces would have cost you $30 dollars originally..... I think with the exception of MAYBE the necklace I have gotten, it's not really with the money. With that said, 15 dollars for 4 pieces is pretty good. However....... I also feel a little disappointed because I feel like out of all the sets of boxes they had I might have gotten the bare minimum.. I fee like it's due to the fact that they promised a lot of things in this mystery box and ..... I didn't even get the cards that described what the pieces are, I didn't get any promo code (but you can find those online anyways), and I got a pin that have been onsale in their website since the time when Jewlmint's "first began". .... So I decided to give them one last "try". I had introduced this site to my friend and she decided to order Jewlmint's new mystery box; the December edition. It is called The 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box.

Ok, so a couple last thoughts. I feel like the mystery box is a great idea for them company wise to "get rid of" some of their unwanted pieces.... But at the same time I feel like they should not use ANY pieces they used for past mystery boxes into their new ones AND don't place so many UNWANTED pieces in a set. For them to get more people to buy I think they should place more of their better pieces, because at the same time, this is a pretty good way to promote their company.

A more in depth review of the pieces I had gotten later.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jewelmint cyber Monday Mystery Box Received: First Look

I just received this in the mail 15 minutes ago and I wanted to give you guys a first look on what I received from the cyber Monday mystery box. I will be doing a more detailed review later but I can tell you I like 2 of the 4 pieces I received. I do not like the yellow earrings and I think the pin is cute but not sure how to wear it. This is also my first time purchasing from Jewelmint and for the 15 bucks (I used a promo code) that I payed I think its not bad. However, I will say that if I payed 30 bucks for these individual pieces I would not think it's worth the money. The pin for example, the quality is not good. It's so cheap compared to the other pieces. So that's my first impression. They have another mystery box going on. It's their winter one. I will be doing a review later. 

P.S sorry I posted the photos from my cellphone and I didn't know they were upside down! I'll do a better job next time!