Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelmint: The 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box

Jewelmint's having a new mystery box. Since my disappointment in the company overall in the last mystery box, I decided to give it another try. I saved 15 dollars in my last mystery box because it was my first purchase (but I have followed this site since their initial launch) and I told my friend about it. She decided to order, and since it's her first time she gets 50% off and she asked me if I wanted anything and I told her to add their newest mystery box for me.

Stock up on our lastest 4 Piece Winter Mystery Box!

NOTE: New Assortment of Pieces-- so you will have no product overlap from our last two Mystery Boxes :)

Each box is guaranteed to have:
At least four (4) JewelMint Pieces

Bonus offers that may be included in your box are:
1. $1,000 shopping spree*
2. Chance to choose 25 pieces of your choice*
3. Chance to help design a 2013 JewelMint piece
4. Surprise promo code for discount off your next purchase.

Absolutely no refunds or exchanges of any box, or box contents. No promo codes may be used towards the purchase of the Mystery Box. Pieces from the JewelMint Collective Collection and other select pieces will not be included within the four (4) Piece Winter Mystery Box. See the Holiday Sweepstakes term and conditions by visiting